Why You Need Food and Beverage Meetings for Events

4 Mar 2021

If this is your first time organising an event, you must be thinking – how do I make my event’s food or beverage options?

Well, it’s no surprise because food and beverage is often one of the largest (if not the largest) expenses for many events! But as budgets are becoming smaller and demanding to be efficient, it might often become a lowest-price option scenario.

However, that rarely pays off as the food and beverage at your event isn’t just about keeping people full — it’s a part of the whole experience! That’s because a meal isn’t just a meal. It’s an opportunity to make connections, to bring people of importance together. It creates conversation and warmth. That’s why it might be worth hiring a halal food buffet catering service if you’re planning an event in Singapore!

Key elements in organising an event:

  • Think about the numbers

First, you need to lock-in the number of people coming to your event and prepare accordingly. If you’re hosting an outdoor event, do remember that the people and food must be well sheltered from the rain! That’s how you should plan for every situation that can happen.

  • Be mindful about the space

You should also plan out the space allocated for each guest. Consider fitting all your event decorations, furniture and most importantly, your catering supplies in the right spot with the right spacing.

  • Get the right staff and equipment prepared

From the managers that ensure your event runs smoothly to the waiters and waitresses serving your guests, it’s vital to keep check that you have the right kind and number of staff in your event. You should also factor in all the equipment, serving dishes, plates and glassware that will be needed at a moment’s notice to avoid missing any of them out!

  • Plan ahead of time, all the time

Any veteran event planner will know this – preparing everything that needs to be ordered or arranged ahead of time will ensure your event runs smoothly and without any hiccups. From staff to flowers, equipment to decorations, you should assign special reminders for each and to have a detailed plan for them all ahead of time!


Make sure the food and beverage served is top-notch

Now that you know the key elements of event preparation, it’s time to focus on the food and beverage aspect of your events.

First, you should choose and discuss with a caterer about the dishes of choice together with options for those with special dietary needs. This is especially crucial for vegetarian or halal food buffet catering services that are required.

You can take this one step further by having guests RSVP with their preferences or requirements in advance to optimally prepare the food in the right way and with the right amount!


Luckily, caterers like How’s Catering have commonly served and prepared halal food catering services across Singapore to many events. Here are some factors to think about when you choose your food and beverage served at the event:

  • Is your choice of menu a relatively classic one or a specialised themed menu? This will need to be communicated to your chosen caterer much earlier in advance!
  • Does the catering team provide hospitality staff? Some caterers offer purely the food and beverages served only, and will require you to hire your own waitstaff and service team for the event. Make sure this is discussed!
  • Is cutlery and crockery included? While it may seem like a basic detail, it is no less important as this will affect how your guests enjoy your food. It’s wise to make sure that every detail is accounted for when it comes to events!

Make your event a success with How’s Catering

We hope these event planning ideas have inspired you!

If it is your first time planning an event, look no further – with How’s Catering, be it a full scale catering or even mini buffet catering for 5 pax to 15 pax, leave it to us to handle the cooking and you can rest assured that there will definitely be something delicious for everyone to enjoy. Get in touch with us at 6852 2852 today. 

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