What is Included in a High Tea Menu?

4 Mar 2021

When one mentions high tea, it spurs a wonderful image of fresh scones right out of the oven, luxurious strawberry jam and decadent clotted cream, all paired with calming earl grey and a selection of delicate miniature sandwiches, all in dainty crockery.

Yes, high tea is a firm crowd favourite and remains a classic treat for many today, and there’s a whole new world of halal high tea catering out there just waiting for you!

While high tea is often luxurious and spoils you for choice, it can be dialed down for business meetings and corporate events to suit the scenario. Sometimes, all you really need is tea, cupcakes, sandwiches and a few other tidbits.


So, whether you want a full package of decadent high tea or a budget-friendly yet high-quality high tea catering, here’s a handy guide to a high tea menu and why you should choose a halal high tea career the next time you host an event in Singapore.


What is included in normal high tea menus

When you choose a high tea menu for your catering, you should consider multiple factors. Firstly, think about the type of foods you’re going to present with tea.

Do you prefer traditional items like English scones with jelly, or do you want modernised finger food such as croquettes and tapas instead?

You should also consider the different packages that your caterer will offer. Usually, there will be multiple packages meant for different types of events, from personal gatherings to weddings or corporate events.

Caterers today also offer halal high tea that’s served as mini buffets so you can spoil your guests with the choice of their favourite food! They can be categorised as:


·Sweet-tasting items such as
o   Scones, jam and cream

Scones are a classic on any afternoon tea spread. With a delicious selection of jam or marmalade topped with cream, it is a crowd favourite!

o   Tarts

Think of caramel, lemon or cheesecake tarts! They offer a tasty bite of flavours to satisfy any sweet tooth.

o   Mini Victoria sponge cakes

These are classic to any high tea spread and can be paired with any toppings or fruits to your liking.

o   Mini muffins or cupcakes

These tiny baked goodies are an excellent treat without filling the stomach too much. From red velvet to chocolate mud and classic vanilla, they’re never a bad idea.

o   Chocolate eclairs

Think chocolate and cream in a wonderful flaky pastry!

o   Macarons

A little bite of luxury from these completes the high tea experience!


·Savoury flavours to balance out the sweetness

o   Finger sandwiches

A classic, must-have for high tea is mini sandwiches that are bite-sized, yet full of flavour! Typically served as crustless white bread finger sandwiches that are delicately filled with delicious ingredients such as cucumber, smoked salmon and cream cheese, chicken or egg salad, these are definitely on the top of the yum list!

o   Mini quiches or pies

It can be a hearty bite that balances out the plethora of sweet flavours from earlier. Mini quiches or pies can be filled with crowd favourites such as beef and mushroom, chicken and leek or more delicious combinations!


Don’t forget to entertain your guests

When it comes to high tea, serving the food in an impressionable manner is half the work!

Serving your high tea in fancy crockery for example can give guests a conversation starter and stirs their interest if they witness how the food is being prepared.

Remember that it is ultimately your event and it’s up to you to make the best experience with the help of your caterer!

Don’t forget that when you’re looking to cater a high tea buffet for your event, it is important to always include food requirement options such as dairy free, vegetarian or halal high tea catering options.


Try halal high tea mini buffet catering with How’s Catering

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