Ultimate Benefits of Having Halal Catering Services

4 Mar 2021

Large gatherings and events are notoriously hard to organise and plan. In a country like Singapore with a strong diversity of culture and religions, it’s even more so! That’s because you’ll have to take into account dietary restrictions and requirements of every guest of your event, and it’s never a good thing to leave someone out!

If you’ve ever wondered about how the best event planners fool proof their food preparation at their events, here’s an insider tip: they use halal catering services!

In case you’re wondering, food that is certified halal follows the dietary standards as set in Muslim scriptures. It is an indication that halal food is prepared with methods and ingredients that are allowable and deemed good for not just Muslims, but for all to consume.


Caterers with halal certification always ensure they meet a specific set of food preparation and ingredient requirements that is permissible. This translates to taking the weight off your shoulders when you’re planning an event that has both Muslim and non-Muslim guests!

In this article, let’s look at the ultimate benefits of having halal catering services right here in Singapore.


Top-notch food safety and hygiene standards

As mentioned earlier, halal food requires certain methods for the preparation and the cooking that follows Muslim scriptures. This includes abstaining from the consumption of pork, any form of blood and a certain number of ways that the animal has died.

That’s right, halal food requires the right kind of animals to be sourced and prepared in a specified way from the day of its slaughter to your table!


Halal food also needs to adhere to a strict set of hygienic rules. Hence, you can be assured of low contamination rates and an excellent track record of food safety should you choose a halal catering service provider in Singapore!


You can avoid an unhealthy and expensive protein

 Yes, we’re talking about pork! While it is well-known that pork is banned for all Muslims, there are also significant health benefits when you avoid pork for catered events.

For one, pork is often priced higher than many other proteins such as chicken and fish! By avoiding pork, you can achieve a form of savings in your budget. Otherwise, pork is an often-fatty form of meat that is high in cholesterol – your guests will appreciate having a healthier food option at your event!

Worry not – halal caterers offer the full course of healthier and halal choices such as seafood, chicken, or beef.


You can rest easy that you’ve made an ethical choice

 Did you know that halal methods of slaughtering livestock are made for the utmost minimal of pain and suffering? In fact, halal butchers are trained for this specific process to ensure it’s a quick and painless step to turn livestock into meat.

While there it doesn’t guarantee the living conditions of the livestock, choosing halal caterers means you’re serving cruelty-free meat to your guests while still benefiting from a high-quality catering provided to you in Singapore.


You can treat a halal certification as a promise of quality

 It’s a known fact that for caterers, obtaining a halal certification is no easy task.

It involves a stringent list of requirements that a Singapore caterer must comply to when applying for a halal certification. It is also a lengthy process that requires multiple checkpoints and sufficient durations to meet its various criteria.

 Therefore, when you choose a halal catering service provider in Singapore, it truly means that food professionals that are experts in halal preparation are following best-practice operating standards and procedures to deliver you good food!


You don’t have to worry about food choices

Even though following halal rules and processes do pose some limitations, a good caterer will still open a world of possibilities for your event! From international dishes to Peranakan delights, you’ll most certainly be spoiled for choices for a menu that’s ideally suited to the occasion!


Choose halal catering for your next event with How’s Catering

As we all know by now, many regulations are set in place to ensure that halal food is properly certified and safe to consume for our Singaporean Muslims. As such if you are planning on ordering halal corporate catering in Singapore, it is important to check with your colleagues if anyone requires halal food to be catered as well. 


At How’s Catering, we are Halal-certified caterers since 2005 and are more than qualified to prepare amazing dishes that are appropriate for everyone to enjoy. This includes a wide range of services including preparing catering menus for corporate events, halal wedding catering, festive occasions, buffets, high tea, and kids/thematic. If you’re keen on finding out more about our menu or customisation options, feel free to contact us at +65 6852 2852 or email sales@howscatering.com.sg today! 

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