Safety Precautions in the Buffet Catering Business

1 Apr 2022

As we look forward to entering Phase 3 of our successful circuit breaker, we are facing a gradually reopening of the economy where  most activities will be allowed to resume.

However, this doesn’t mean that safety precautions, especially for food caterers that provide events such as halal mini buffet caterers for 5 to 15 pax and above, are being relaxed. On the contrary, the safety measures adopted from the Covid-19 crisis are here to stay!

As we are in the rush to get ahead of the coronavirus, food caterers such as How’s Catering are finding themselves fighting to implement safety standards and prioritize the safety of your team and your guests.

In this article, we’ll show you the different measures that How’s Catering is actively taking within our operations and how we are continuously committed to serve you delicious yet safe food!

We source and prepare your food in clean & safe environments

From the source of all our quality food ingredients to the final preparation of your dishes, our priority has always been in the safety and consistent quality of the food we prepare for you.

This includes ensuring the person in charge or purchasing raw ingredients, the place of purchase and also the storage of the food is up to safety standards.

In fact, we regularly work with health inspectors to ensure that our kitchen is always at its best cleanliness that meets all health codes and regulations.

We ensure food hygiene is kept consistent during transportation 

More importantly, we keep track of the condition of the food, especially its temperature on the journey to ensure it remains safe and in good condition.

We separate hot and cold foods for safety reasons

Apart from ensuring the quality, taste and texture of your hot and cold foods be the same even after transportation, our hot and cold foods are kept separated without exceptions to ensure its safety and no cross contamination of different foods.

We diligently and safely reheat foods if necessary

Some of our food items from our menu require reheating once it arrives at your location. In that case, we employ a safe and secured method of reheating your food to the desired temperature for food safety and longevity.

We ensure our beverages and ice are of quality and served cleanly

At food catering events, the quality of the ice served can often be overlooked and be a costly mistake – the cleanliness of the ice and beverages served is just as important as the food!

We keep our quality of beverages and ice safe by having them stored separately, especially if we’re using ice to maintain the coldness of some foods – these tend to be contaminated with bacteria easily!

We ensure the environment where our food is served is safe and clean

While we are primarily responsible for the food portion of your catered event, the location often comes with its array of challenges, especially outdoor events!

For example, if it’s an outdoor event, we’ll need to be aware of keeping bugs, vermin, objects blown by wind, bacteria or even dust from reaching your food!

We rigorously exercise hand and dish washing

Cleanliness is the name of the game in the catering business. This means that our employees are trained to wash their hands at all occasions before handling your food.

Whether it’s on a offsite event or at a catered indoor venue, our staff and servers are consistently trained for a standard upkeep of their hygiene levels to ensure your health and safety is protected when your event is catered by us!

Choose How’s Catering for halal mini buffet catering in Singapore

While it is a fact that the food, restaurant and catering industry has been significantly impacted by Covid-19, it has kick started and ensured that food hygiene and safety precautions are well adhered to and is effective in minimizing the spread of the virus in Singapore.

If you’re thinking of using a halal mini buffet caterer for your next event, why not give How’s Catering a try?

How’s Catering offers a wide range of services including preparing catering menus for corporate settings, weddings, festive occasions, buffets, high tea, and kids/thematic. How’s Catering is Halal-cerfied and promises quality and personalised services for every client. If you’re keen on finding out more about our menu or customisation options, feel free to contact us at +65 6852 2852 or email

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