Planning to Create a Corporate Event?

6 Feb 2020

As it is a huge responsibility to organise a corporate event, it can be an overwhelming experience for first timers. For many companies in Singapore, it means paying attention to every little detail, from settling your corporate catering food right down to decorating your event. If you have been assigned to help plan your company lunch event, you will want everything to go well, to impress your guests and ultimately present your company well. To get you started, we have rounded up some tips to help make your first event a successful one:  

  • Have a budget in mind

This depends on the number of people attending your event. Make it realistic to ensure you do not spend more than necessary. Considering that your corporate breakfast catering or lunch catering will be taking up most of your budget, it will be useful to compare from a range of prices per pax provided by different catering companies to choose one that best fits your budget. Especially if your upcoming event is for a special occasion such as Chinese New Year, most companies will also have catering packages on promotion so keep a lookout for that as you research your options.   

  • Consider what type of corporate catering you want

There are, for example, bento box and buffet catering options. While bento boxes may be more convenient to distribute, corporate food catering services in Singapore is becoming increasingly popular as it provides a wide array of delicious dishes for your guests to select from. Catering to different eating capacities and dietary restrictions, buffets essentially give your guests a sense of flexibility in choosing food they like. Additionally, this is also a great opportunity to encourage interaction amongst your guests.

On top of that, As a Halal-certified caterer we can ensure everyone enjoys the spread with peace of mind. With that being said, How’s Catering has years of experience in catering. This means that not only have we catered to many businesses like yours, but we are also capable in responding to last-minute changes and requests.    

  • Decide on your event location

If you are having it at your office premises, this is a point you will not need to take note. But if you require a larger space to hold your event, we have catering partners that offer venue rentals for events.

  • Settle on the theme of your event 

To help you out, we have previously provided some suggestions for company catering themes you can incorporate to your event. Not only does it make things more exciting and memorable, but you can also complement your menu options specific to the theme of your event. In fact, we can include decor as part of your catering package so you can focus on other important tasks. 

  • Make your order in advance

The last thing you want is to not get your original choice of catering and make last-minute arrangements. It is thus important to plan ahead to avoid disappointment and ensure everything goes as planned.   

We hope these tips will guide you in finding the assistance you need for your event. There are ultimately many benefits in organising a catered business luncheon for your business. It is a great setting to gather and make connections with potential clients. At the end of the day, your guests will leave with a good impression of your company when your event is executed successfully. 

Remember, you always can rely on these tips for future company events. With How’s Catering, leave it to us to handle the cooking and you can rest assured that there will definitely be something delicious for everyone to enjoy. Get in touch with us at 6852 2852 today. 

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