Our Brand Vision

Redesigning Catering

We aspire to elevate food catering, not just as a profession, but as a sacred dedication to elicit emotions. Always redefining the perception of catering: one that is well-thought, carefully detailed and tastefully designed.

Our Brand Story

Life’s most delicious encounters
Don’t happen by chance.
They happen by design.


To us, design isn’t just aesthetics. It is both a sacred process and art.
It is the magic of “How.”

HOW we fashion every flavour, texture and aroma.
HOW we contour sensations in every tantalising detail.
HOW we balance visual impact and incredible flavour.
And HOW we distill them all into luscious experiences.

This is the HOWS Distinction:
More than Experienced Caterers, We are Experience Designers.
Always collaborating and creating, we innovate fresh ideas that excite every clientele’s distinctive palette and palate.

So step into our gallery of experiences. The studio of the senses.

This is Catering, Redesigned.

Welcome to the HOWS OF DESIGN.

Our Mission

Designers of Catered Experiences.

We thoughtfully cater to the needs of our clients, tailoring every detail to suit their distinctive tastes. We enliven every affair entrusted to us. We accomplish this through our HOWS OF DESIGN principles:

Devotion to QUALITY

From how we source our ingredients to upholding the highest standards in food safety – we are utterly devoted to deliver nothing less than excellence. Quality will always be the constant legacy of HOWS. It is what we are known for then, and it is the cornerstone upon which we will design the future.

Thoughtful SERVICE

It’s about genuinely understanding clients. What makes them light up with delight. When we intimately understand, we are able to elegantly design experiences that’s truly five-star: Attentive. Responsive. Prompt. Anticipatory.


We expand our treasury of tastes and experiences by being open to each other’s perspectives. We open our minds to new ideas, flavours and sensory delights. And this, in turn, constantly ignites and refreshes the gallery of wonder we can offer our clients.

Designed by

Brand Promise

Designed by Hows

This is a marque of our originality, inspiration and creativity. We brand every event. Carefully planned, elegantly executed, beautifully designed by Hows.

“Designed by Hows” is much like a crest, our seal of quality. An assurance that utmost creativity and dedication is found in every detail, every experience we craft.

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