Making your Mini Buffet Memorable

4 Mar 2021

It’s the time of the year where the festive celebrations are gearing up! Are you thinking of throwing a party to wrap up the year? Or are you thinking of gathering a few loved ones for a cosy get-together?

Regardless of the occasion, a mini buffet that’s well-catered to feed your guests is the way to go! A delicious buffet is the epicentre of a great party that impresses guests and fills their appetites accordingly.

As we all know, the best parties out there require a great deal of organisation, and smart planning with the correct budgeting is important to prepare a fantastic party that will also be friendly to your budget. That’s where a good halal mini buffet catering provider can help!

But first, is your caterer taking the correct steps to ensure your safety?

With the Covid-19 situation, many might be a little wary about hosting a party, big or small. However, with the right precautions, screening and proper distancing between one another, it is still possible to host an intimate party without taking risks!

When it comes to your chosen caterer however, it is important to ensure that they follow important measures in ensuring they meet the proper safety procedures in order to serve you safely. This can includes:

  • Daily body temperature taking twice a day for all staff
  • Travel declaration is obtained from all staff
  • Comply and monitor closely on MOH advisories
  • Maintaining high standards of personal hygiene
  • All frontline staff are required to wear face masks during setup, sanitise their hands and wear hand gloves prior to handling food
  • All visitors/suppliers will need to fill up a Visitor Registration Form and go through a body temperature screening and hand sanitisation before coming into the premises
  • Food safety and hygiene officers will continue upholding our hygiene practices
  • Educate and update our staff on the advisories issued by MOH 


Let’s talk about how to make your mini buffet an unforgettable

Here are a few tricks of the trade in making a memorable buffet for your guests to remember for years to come!

Customise Your Buffet Menu According To The Time and Place Of The Event

This might sound like a minor detail, but your buffet menu should depend on whether it’s a lunch or dinner event.

This is important is it will take into consideration the general food preferences of your guests – for example, lighter foods such as salad or pasta are great options for a lunch event or party as they aren’t too heavy on the appetite.

For dinners, however, you can opt-in for menu options such as a whole lamb roast, stews and other sit-down foods that guests can take their time to enjoy!

Make sure you remember any guests’ dietary restrictions

If you have vegetarian guests, you’ll make a deep impression on them if you remember to cater to their needs. You can do this by separating the food items  of vegetarian and non-vegetarian dishes on different tables.

Trust us, this will do wonders in terms of impressing your vegetarian guests as you’ve shown that you’re thinking about them beforehand!

Be wise in positioning the tables and their relevant foods

Yes, there is a strategy to where you place your tables and food! It’s the famous buffet line – think of how guests will be going from tray to tray picking out the food they’d like!

That’s why you should ensure that your tables are aligned and planned accordingly with the spacing and mingling areas well thought-out. 

You can also spread the dishes fairly and distribute by categories. For instance, you should keep your appetizers, mains, desserts and beverages on separate sections and tables.

This will spread out the crowd, give them space for mingling and above all else, reduce the bottleneck jam that happens at most buffets!

Pick quality dishes over a large quantity of less-popular dishes

This can really help your guests with remembering a select few of the great tasting food they had at your event! Too many average dishes won’t produce anything memorable, but a few well-chosen dishes can make a deep impression!

This is where planning for a mini buffet with a wisely chosen caterer comes in. If you are also on a budget for a halal mini buffet catering, sticking with 4-6 dishes can save your costs significantly!

Choose How’s Catering as your halal mini buffet caterer for your next party

Making waves in the food catering industry since 1991, How’s Catering is Singapore’s trusted caterer that has been halal-certified since 2005.

We provide quality food and personalised services with competitive pricing for all our clients, and are more than qualified to prepare amazing dishes to make your party or event a standout above all others out there.

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