Exciting Catering Ideas for Your Company’s Holiday Events

3 Jan 2020

The coming months call for different parties and gatherings in celebration of Christmas and New Year. For many businesses in Singapore, it is an exciting time to bond with your colleagues, to wrap up another great year of working together. No doubt it will be a lot of fun but the thought of planning for a special event can be overwhelming, especially if you have to accommodate a large group of people. The good news is, there are many corporate buffet catering services out there that can suit your needs and get your menu settled for you. 

What type of event are you organising? Roughly what time will it start and end? How many people will be attending the event? As you plan your company event, these are some questions to keep in mind to determine your theme and food selection. Here are some catering ideas that you can explore: 

At-work teatime

To get everyone in the holiday spirit, how about commencing a high tea catering party in between working hours? From the classic Steamed Chwee Kueh with Preserved Radish to Homemade Fusion Muah Chee coated in Matcha or Black Sesame, these are just some healthier party bites that your colleagues can munch on at ease with work out of their minds. Just imagine setting out picnic mats and playing a movie against a screen. This will create a cosy setting and encourage interaction in this time of gathering. Apart from afternoon teatime, you can have it in the morning and start the day right with corporate breakfast catering to settle everyone’s first meal of the day. 


After-hours dinner party

What about having the event after working hours? It is the best time to allow everyone to kick back, relax and have some fun. When compared to teatime events, it is more crucial to ensure that your menu incorporates a variety of food and feeds everyone to their fullest. As a tip, look for buffet catering specifically created to serve a dinner event crowd. 

Nostalgic fun

If your company culture is more informal, such an event theme will be perfect, bringing everyone together with something that they are all familiar with. Light-hearted and fun, reminisce and relive the moments with some throwback hits in the background. Food-wise, you can choose Christmas classics such as the traditional roast turkey and chocolate log cake. For extra fun, get everyone to dress up as their favourite childhood characters and you can even award prizes for the best-dressed people.

Cultural take

To get everyone excited and buzzing, introduce international flavours that are not commonly savoured on a daily basis. For example, You can opt for the cuisine menu like Indonesian, Thai or Japanese. This is an interesting way to explore out of the classics and surprise everyone’s taste buds. 


Company focus

Or if you prefer a more straightforward way to thank everyone for their hard work and strengthen your company’s morale, consider selecting items that specifically reflect your brand colours. This can help you narrow down your food choices with a menu that coordinates with your chosen colour scheme. At the end of the day, your colleagues will definitely recognise the effort you have put in to create a memorable event for them to enjoy.    

We hope these catering ideas have inspired you in deciding on the theme of your event! If it is your first time planning a get-together, we know you will want it to run smoothly and successfully. And for those who have organised events before, expectations may be higher this year and you might want it to be a surprise to many. With How’s Catering, be it a full scale catering or even mini buffet catering for 15 pax to 20 pax, leave it to us to handle the cooking and you can rest assured that there will definitely be something delicious for everyone to enjoy. Get in touch with us at 6852 2852 today. 

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