10 Corporate Breakfast Catering Dishes That are Perfect for Corporate Meet Ups in Singapore

19 Mar 2020

Mornings are perfect for enjoying a good breakfast and is when we feel the most energetic in the day. This tends to be the reason why morning meetings are more productive, with participants generally more attentive and focused. Furthermore, morning corporate meetings aren’t as disruptive as lunch or post lunch meetings as it happens the first thing in the morning, giving you time to work on the rest of your tasks for the remainder of the day. 

Need Help With A Catering Menu For Your First Corporate Breakfast Meeting?

Here are 10 corporate breakfast catering ideas in Singapore for meetings, conferences or training sessions that you can impress your clients and staff with! 

Assorted baked breakfast bread (croissants, muffins, toasts, scones, bagels) 

By assorted we mean, depending on your preferences and dietary requirements of people present, popular options are: croissants, breakfast muffins, toasts, scones or breakfast sandwiches. They can even come in vegetarian-friendly options such as avocado or tomato in a corporate breakfast catering menu. 

Bagels can come with assorted spreads such as cheeses, jams or peanut butter for your guests to choose from. Colourful muffins can also look aesthetically pleasing on a plate in the middle of a conference table, making it not just appetizing to have but a visual treat to enjoy as well. 

Coffee, decaffeinated coffee, and tea  

For beverages, we can’t leave out the must-have coffee or tea in the morning. It will definitely be one of the first things your guests will look for when they first arrive so it’s best to be prepared and have them ready beforehand. You should also make sure to have plenty of coffee ready to cater to meetings and refills if the meeting is a long one. If possible, it will also be considerate to include a decaffeinated option in the corporate breakfast catering dishes for those who are more sensitive to caffeine or have already had a cup of coffee or tea before coming for the meeting.

One to three juices

Juices are the perfect way to perk you up and a great alternative to caffeinated beverages. If you’re planning to serve other drinks, then make sure to at least have orange juice in the mix. You can’t go wrong with the freshness of the classic morning beverage, which citrus flavour instantly wakes you up and tastes healthy for your guests as well. 

Fresh fruit salad or fruit platter

Fresh fruits are healthy, easy to consume and are enjoyed by the majority of people. It is a healthy way to keep things light without leaving your guests filling too full after a big breakfast and also a great snack to have, for your guests to take more of while the meeting is ongoing. 

Scrambled eggs, omelet, etc 

An all-time favourite option for not just breakfast, but any meals really, eggs can be prepared in multiple ways including scrambled eggs, plain or with toppings like mushroom or cheese, omelet, sunny-side up etc. if you’re feeling generous or if it’s a big group, you may consider even having a live station with a chef present to cook your eggs just the way you want it right in front of you. 

Muesli pots with yoghurt or yoghurt parfaits 

These are not only healthy but also a delicious way to enjoy as a “healthy dessert” after a hearty breakfast. For those who prefer cold meals, they might prefer having a bowl of yoghurt and fruits or snacks, and amidst the blistering heat of Singapore – it can be a cooling and delightful treat that your taste buds will really enjoy. 

Pancakes or waffles 

Pancakes or waffles are filling and look more luxurious, which can be a great way to impress clients. Served with fresh fruits or an array of sauces like chocolate or maple syrup, it can be a fantastic option to feed your guests with. 

Asian twist: dim sum 

Here’s an Asian recommendation: assorted dim sum. Freshly steamed and piping hot, this is an iconic Chinese delicacy that is enjoyed by many. It is like a mini buffet on its own with the variety of dishes available for choosing. The pieces are also individually prepared making it easy to share and try an assortment of different dishes in one sitting. 

Paninis or burritos for a savoury, scrumptious breakfast 

If you prefer something savoury, a panini or burrito is a good way to have your guests fueled through the event. Both dishes are usually filled with a variety of toppings such as maple bacon, free-range eggs, spinach or grilled mushrooms. If you aren’t planning on catering a large variety of options, paninis or burritos are an excellent choice to keep your guests feeling full and satisfied. 

Chia seed breakfast pudding  

Besides yoghurt, you can also consider a pudding which is easy to grab and allows your guests to eat discreetly at the conference table. Similarly, they can be filled with fresh fruit or yoghurt and give a healthy kick to anyone who eats it. Best of all, chia seeds are known for being loaded with antioxidants, fibre and high-quality protein therefore making it a very thoughtful choice for the wellbeing of your guests.

Where to Order Corporate Breakfast Catering in Singapore? 

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